OPPO F1S: #FeedGoals

So you want a beautiful feed but you don’t know where to start, and you’re lazy to search for loooong how-to videos— Fret not for here is a quick, straightforward tutorial on how to achieve your #FEEDGOALS. Read on to know more about composition, filters, applications and the gear needed to create that beautiful, curated photo gallery.


pertains to Instagram profiles perceived to like-worthy and carefully arranged and meticulously edited, has evidently become a way of life for the tech-savvy generation. (Source: irepublic.ph). 


Don’t just brand yourself, but be yourself.. and be CONSISTENT.

Here are some of my feed photos:

Consider yourself as your own brand, you want to be known for something, instead of being a jack of all trades yet master of none. Curating is key. Your feed should have a consistent “tone”; Should the colors be bright and saturated, moody and dramatic or what? It’s up to your personal preference but you have to set a particular “feel”. Pick a theme and focus on it. Personally, I only document travel photos on Instagram.

The photos above have the same filter, while the ones below are not composed well and have different tones and filters that do not compliment each other.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Will my photo aesthetically compliment the previous photos?
  • Is it significant enough to be post-worthy?
  • Am I being consistent with my chosen theme?
  • Does my feed look neat if I look at it in thumbnail mode?


Your photos must tell a story and have depth.

Photography is not just about being trigger-happy and taking loads of photos (nor selfies) in one place. It’s about being able to move others by creating a story captured in those frames. As much as possible, one must be familiar with basic composition and framing techniques ‘cause our eyes have a way of seeing things (scientifically speaking, but let’s not get into detail). Here are some basic composition ideas:


Now that you know how to frame, be creative and try taking photos at different angles to create a fresh take on your subject.

Don’t be shy to shoot in different angles, to shoot low, kneel or even lie down if needed. Stepping up your photography game takes a lot of practice and different take on things to create better photographs.


Photography is subjective and frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter if you post-process or showcase SOOC photos. It’s the story that counts, but do not overdo everything.

Here are helpful mobile applications I use to edit my photos. Thanks to technology, I don’t have to open my laptop to post-process photos. YAY!!

VSCO – When I’m lazy and I want a quick edit, I use VSCO and here are my favorite filters:

LIGHTROOM MOBILE – If I want a more specific and unique tone for my photos, I use this app because it allows me to fully tweak the colors and light conditions of my photos. In my opinion, LR mobile is for heavy editing.


It’s about the story but there are shots that can be achieved only with the proper gear.

For the traveler on the go, bringing a camera (plus the lens and all other accessories) adds up to the weight of the baggage, especially for those who love to backpack. Since mobile phone operating systems already have powerful photography apps, it’s fairly easy to achieve your #FEEDGOALS.

OPPO F1S is equipped with the specifications needed for excellent mobile photography. With a 16MP (this will take photos that are higher in detail compared to other smartphones) and a front cam that has an aperture of F/2, it’s a #SelfieExpert


What does an aperture of F/2 do? It’s the opening of the lens that allows more light to get into your photo, which is great for low light conditions. A wide aperture also gives the “bokeh” aka blurry background effect (shallow depth of field). The rear camera has a 13MP 1080p resolution and an aperture of F/2.2, which is also good in low light conditions and it can give you a bokeh effect. The HDR effect will give instant detail to your landscape photos. Panorama mode allows you to capture the whole scenery!


When it comes to post processing, Oppo F1S’ octacore processor, 4GB ram will let you run apps smoothly so you can edit your photos in a productive manner.  You can get this phone at any Oppo store nationwide. You can visit their website at http://www.oppo.com/ph/index.html for more details.


Level up your travel photography without breaking the bank and get your latest Oppo F1S now. Don’t forget to share your photos on social media using the hashtag #OPPOF1Sph #FeedGoals. Enjoy!

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