Hongkong’s other side: Lamma Island



the view from TST

We took a day off at Lamma Island in Hongkong, a small town withn a mix of tradition and nature. It is the third largest island in Hongkong (source: Discover HK) and it is 30 minutes away from Central Ferry Terminal. There are different villages in the island.

Activities in the area:

  1. Food exploration – Eating seafood here is expensive since it is a tourist destination. However, there are food vendors in the side streets that sell HK street food. Don’t forget to try their tofu! 3
  2. Biking – Bikes may be rented at 30HKD per hour. They will require you to leave an identification card (for foreigners, they need at least 1 passport) to make sure that you return your bike :p NOTE: I do not recommend bringing your bike to the uphill part of the island since it can be REALLY tiring. Though the weather was cold when we went there last December, the direct sunlight was still painful. There are a lot of inclines and I just ended up pushing my bike uphill… and I gave up and went back. Haha!6
  3. Hiking – Alternatively, you may try hiking! There are paved trails that can be accomplished in an hour or two. We weren’t able to hike since we rented out bikes.7
  4. Explore the rest of the island and the beaches – Too bad we were not able to visit traditional villages and other beaches aside from Hung Shing Yeh beach.

Upon reaching the island, you will see a variety of boat sizes

Getting there:

1. Take the MTR to Central Station, or take a ferry from TST station to Central.

2. Go to Central Ferry Terminal Pier 6

3.  You can take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan, it will take you directly to Lamma island. The ride is about 30 minutes.


Budget: I lost track of the budget but as far as I remember, it costs less than 20HKD to get to the island. Food along the side streets is almost the same as the ones in the city, but you need to take note that the menu is written in chinese.

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