How to Get a Canadian visa: Filipino Tourists

Canada is a beautiful place according to Robby, that’s why I opted to go there for a short vacation, especially that I love taking photos and nature trips.

But getting a Canadian visa for Filipino tourists is not easy.

but it’s manageable.

Due to not being a first world country and some issues of others who work abroad illegally, Philippine passport holders are required to apply for a visa to enter most countries (we are only allowed to visa-free entry to 61 countries). Apart from this, I am 24, single and female, which is considered as a high-risk profile (prone to marrying) and lastly, I will be applying alone as an adult and not being under my mother’s financial care.  So I was very anxious about it! Plus I needed immediate results ’cause ticket prices are soaring. So let me share you how to apply for a canadian visa for filipino tourists.

Anyway, there are 2 ways to apply: 1. Paper 2. Online. Cut on costs from travel agencies and save about 2,500 pesos.

This is the way to apply online:

canada visa filipino


  1. Visit this site: and determine your eligibility. You will be given a reference code which you will be needing to pursue application.
  2. Create a MyCIC account here: and choose “Continue to GCKey”
  3. Once you log-in after successfully registering, the list of requirements will appear. You must submit ALL required documents and you will not be allowed to submit the application if there are incomplete documents.
  4. Once completed, pay the application fee of 100 CAD (approximately 3500+ php) and wait for the e-mail updates from the consul.



  1. Valid Passport (at least 1 year before expiration). Scan the front page.
  2. Completely filled out application IMM5257 form. You may access the file via INTERNET EXPLORER. Strangely, it won’t work on Chrome and Safari. You can access the file here or in your CIC account. This is the main application form which contains all details about your trip.
  3. Family form IMM5645 which contains information about your family members.
  4. Passport photograph
  5. Proof of Funds
    1. Bank Statement for the past 4 months
    2. Certificate of Employment
    3. Income Tax Return or form 2316
    4. Bank Certificate
    5. If another person is paying for your trip, provide an affidavit of support plus bank statements of the sponsor.
  6. Purpose of Travel
    1. Itinerary of the places you want to visit from Day 1
    2. Invitation letter (if any) from a citizen plus a copy of their citizen card, payslip
    3. Hotel bookings/Flight reservations
  7. Travel History
    1. Entry and Exit Stamps/Boarding passes
    2. Previous visas (valid and expired)
    3. A summary of your travels for the past 10 years. This was what I did:canada visa filipino
  8. Cover letter (optional) A brief explanation why you want to visit Canada, length of stay and places to visit.


You do not need to submit your passport until the consul has made a decision. If you get approved, you will be shipping your passport to the embassy. If denied, they will just send you an e-mail.


The application approval timeline depends on the number of applicants. Here is my timeline:

canada visa filipino

Upon approval, the consul will e-mail you a reference code which you will attach to your passport plus instructions. You can send it via LBC to:

VFS Global Services. Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg.,, Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati, Metro Manila

Attach a manager’s check worth Php 890. You can get one from your local bank. I got mine at BDO for Php 50 pesos. Wait for 2-3 days (Metro Manila) and your passport will be delivered right to your doorstep.

canada visa for filipino

I got mine with a multiply entry valid until my passport expires!



  1. What is your profile? 24, F, Single. Employed for 2 years. With a valid multiple entry visa to Japan and expired 2 Korea, Japan and a multiple entry US visa. Read the Pinoy Exchange forum to read other applicants’ profiles and to get some tips.
  2. What supporting documents did you submit? My travel history, previous visas, itinerary and hotel bookings plus my cert of employment, cover letter and bank statements for the past 6 months. I did not submit a plane ticket.
  3. I have no plane ticket, how do I justify the purpose of travel? You can book a hotel at at no cost with free cancellations if you decide not to pursue with the hotel booking. Plus, make sure you make a day to day itinerary of your travels. You can search for itineraries online. There are tons of it.
  4. How much money should I have in the bank? I ALWAYS GET THIS QUESTION. There is no given amount but I guess 150 CAD per day is fine. Don’t spend all your “bank money” for the trip as this might be a red flag of insufficient funds. Another thing is that make sure your bank statement matches your salary. EG: you have been working for 2 years at an annual salary of 400k. Your bank cannot go beyond 800k unless you have other income, which you can declare in your cover letter. When I applied, I had 3xx,xxx in the bank.
  5. How do I compile all documents into a single .PDF? You can use Microsoft word and save as PDF files. If you want to compress, you can also use Adobe Illustrator.
  6. What are some reasons for denial? As far as I have read: Travel history, family ties and insufficient funds are common reasons for denial.
  7. How do I strengthen possible denial reasons? Well, try to go to nearby countries that require visas like Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan. Attach family pictures if you have to and of course make sure that you really have enough travel fund.
  8. I received a “my application has been updated” email but I did not see any update. Why? It’s normal to see such. if the consul opens your file, there will automatically be a message stating that your application has been updated
  9. How does the embassy assess applicants? That i do not know. Just be truthful with your application. I am quite sure the embassy is already used to fallacious documents. So do not attempt to submit fabricated documents such as fake plane tickets, passport stamps etc.

Good luck! 🙂


  • Paul says:

    Hello! I am planning to visit Niagara Falls via the Rainbow Bridge in Upstate New York. I have confirmed and paid tickets and hotel in NYC so my funds is not that much anymore. I am planning to visit that said part of Canada for one or two days maybe. How can i justify it, do i need to show my US Itinerary to the consul?

    Last 2014 kasi I was also in Niagara Falls kaso di ako pwede pumunta sa kabilang side kasi wala akong Canadian visa. yun lang talaga purpose ko 🙂

  • Tin says:

    Hi! How did you get a multiple entry visa? Did you apply for it or they just decide what to give you? Thank you.

  • Micky says:

    Hi, just being paranoid haha but do you know if there’s a required resolution for the digital photo? I got mine from fuji but i think it’s too small..


  • Patricia Salvador says:

    Hi there , how long is the process of application and when did you receive your passport?

  • Marina Morales says:

    Hi’im glad to see this pages, btw im here in brunei as ofw and my cousin stayed in Canada,he invited me to visit them,do I need to go back to Philippines to apply tourist visa? What i should do? I really appreciate your advice po ‘ .

  • Jenny says:

    Hi po. Im planning to apply for a tourist visa. Main reason po yung older.sister ko may breast cancer and currently nag papa chemo cia. Medyo mahirap po yung stwasyon nia ngayon kasi my 5 year old ciang anak then.yung husband po my work. Minsan walang.nag aalaga sa bata and need din po.nia nang aalalay sa kanya kht for.a.few months.lng. may.possiblty ma.approve yung.application for this reason? And gusto.ko.sana mag patulong pano gumawa.nang personalised na cover letter .thank you

  • Ja says:

    Hi, will it be possible to be granted a visa in Canada even if I have no previous visas in any other countries and only have 1 travel history abroad?

    • admin says:

      Hi! this will greatly depend on the consul and supporting documents submitted. Try providing a detailed itinerary and strong economicties. Good luck!

  • Faye says:

    Hi! Thank you for this blog. It’s been a big help in processing our Canadian Visa. Although, I have a question. I am travelling with my mom, and she’ll be my financial supporter. Am also the representative in processing our app forms. Do I still need to provide affidavit for this even though, I’ll be travelilng with her? Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Yes you sill need to just in case. thanks! =)

    • Marie says:

      Hi Faye,

      How was your visa application? Just wanted to ask how old you are and if your mom is the financial supporter, was she the only one that provided proof of financial records? Also, did you submit your application together?

  • Phoebe Delarmente says:

    Hi may I ask what I’m gonna do if I visit my boyfriend in Canada…what are the things required…thanks a lot..

  • Julia says:

    Hi, how do i compile my entry / exit stamps into one file? I have 1 current and 6 old passports with lots of stamps on it more or less 55 pages all in all including the biodata pages and the last pages. Have tried to adjust the size of each to 90 dpi but still it cant fit to only 4MB.

  • Allie says:

    Hi! I already submitted my application thru paper in vfs canada in makati last July 14. And still I haven’t received my result. They send me an tracking number so I can see where my application goes. Im leaving on july 7. I submitted all the requirements, specially my fund two bank certificate, my old visas and other stamp of travels. Im also currently working here and gave them my certification of emplyment and letter or invitation, my family’s in canada whos now a citizens thre.

    My question is, vfs tracking and cic tracking is the same? Thanks! God bless.

  • Gailadriel says:

    Hello,I have this host family who wants to sponsor my tourist visa so I can get to Canada right away. They said that when I get there, we will process my papers so I can continually work for them as an aupair. I just want to know if tourist visa is possible for this matter, especially if the true intention is to work for the host family? I really don’t know how these things work since this is my first time to go overseas if ever.. Some advice or some insight would be greatly appreciated here.. Thank you!

  • Joan says:

    Hi I will be going to Canada for a business trip. I am a new hire employee and my company will shoulder all the expenses for my training in Canada. Do I still need to provide my personal bank information? I guess the company will provide everything including the invitation letter from our company head office in Winnepeg. Thank you!

  • Macky says:

    Thanks for providing detailed steps in applying for Canadian visa. Fortunately, I got the letter asking for my passport. Now, my problem is when I went to the site to check how much manager’s check I need to purchase, The site listed a lot of services and fees.. Which of these services should I pick?

  • Nicoulaigh says:

    Hi just want to ask if you booked a flight to Canada first before you applied for the Visa? Or if it’s necessary to have one before you apply.


  • Your research and experience in getting a Canadian Visa for a Filipino tourist is helpful and hopeful. I hope this information helps my friend in Baguio come to Canada for a visit. Thank you for the good advice.

  • Rochelle says:

    Hi! May I ask what I’m going to do if I visit my boyfriend in Canada. He is a Canadian and he is planning to sponsor my trip. Hmm, the thing is I don’t know yet what are the possible requirements for me to apply a tourist visa. I’m still dependent to my parents and doesn’t have a travel experience overseas. what do you think are the possible things that I needed to submit online or via mail? Your answer will be a great solution to me. Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi! I think you should provide an itinerary, cover letter and affidavit of sponsorship. Are you a student?

    • Daenerys says:

      Hi Rochelle, my mga nbasa akong articles s ibang sites na maliit ang chance n maaprove ang visa pg ang reson to visit is to meet a boyfriend,kasi ang iisipin nila pu2nta ka dun for u to live together and wont come back etc…i do hve the same problem as urs though…

  • Fred says:

    Hi Livi,

    Are you able to share a sample of your cover letter for your visa application? Or do you have a sample template? Thank you.

  • vonn says:

    I’m confused on which of the following forms is to be used?
    IMM5257E or IMM5257B_1?


  • allen says:

    Hi admin! Okay lang kaya kahit sa travel history isa pa lang ang meron ako, I mean Dubai pa lang ang napuntahan ko. May chance kaya na maapproved kahit weak ang travel history?

  • H says:

    Hi I applied last April 2017 and unfortunately got denied. I re-applied online last July 7, 2017 but haven’t got any update til now? I went to cic.gc website to check the processing time & shows 16 days.

    I applied for tourist visa for my sister’s wedding. Any idea why it takes so long? and since it’s longer than expected, can I assume that this time they might grant me the visa?

  • Helen says:

    Hi,I applied back in April 2017 for tourist visa but unfortunately got denied. I re-applied online on July 7 and until now my application is still pending. Your timeline was pretty quick and mine has been 3 weeks already is this normal? or should I be calling the embassy for an update? Btw I applied in Singapore since I’m based here. Once approved do they send you an email? Hope you can advise, little worried as I’m visiting for my sister’s wedding. Thank you 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi! There’s an updated timeline of the estimated number of days before reaching a decision. It can be found on the website 🙂 Mine did not take that long, just wait na lang siguro baka madami applications since summer e.

  • Deana says:

    Hi! I have been trying to apply via the site you provided.. i even have my on GCKey already.. but after logging in, it just goes around in circles and i do not know why. HELP! 🙁

  • Meriam says:

    Hello admin just want to know if wala pong bank account before tapos now lang nag open for travel purposess wala po bang maging problema on that case??tnx po

    • admin says:

      Hmmm, you need to provide at least 4-6 months of bank statement transactions e.

      • KIMMY says:


  • Labster says:

    Hi, just want to know if you can share your sample itinerary and cover letter to have an idea. Thank you

  • Marjorie soriano says:

    Hi! Pls send me an example of cover letter too! Here’s my emal add, thank you so much!

  • zes says:

    hi admin, thank you for your helpful blog.
    im planning to apply a tourist visa,ok lang ba na last travel ko is 2014’pa?and mostly asian non visa country lang napuntahan ko,
    or do I need to travel ng 1 asian tour before mag apply?pwede po humingi ng sample cover letter nio,tia

  • Arlene says:

    Hi can I please have a sample of the cover letter youve made?


  • Renie A Coronacion says:

    Mam good day..nxt year (July 15 2018 – August 15 2018) po kc blak q pmunta s canada as tourist..bbisitahin q po ung brother q sa Regina, Canada ..s brother q din po aq mag stay dhil ittour nya po aq s canada..Im working d2 s pilipinas as Military for 7 years (Philippine Airforce) at me pera nman po aq s bank worth 100k +..nka travel n din po aq s abroad..gling po aq ng singapore last month dhil pnag aral po kme ng government doon..what type of VISA po ang dpat q iapply at anu po ang mga requirements pra iwas DENIED po aq..

  • Jeff says:

    Hi! I was requested to submit my original passport, do I submit my passport to VFS Global in Chino Roces? can I just pay in cash since I will be dropping by their office? pano mo nacompute yun 890?

    Btw, thanks for the guide you provided in this blog.

  • R says:

    Hi! I applied last Month for tourist visa but unfortunately i was refused due to travel history, purpose of visit, and proof of assets and insufficient fund. By that time I had 1xx,xxx in my bank account. I also attached in my application the invitation letter and sponsorship that my relatives will shoulder my trip. I would like to ask if you have any proof of assets attached in your application, or yung bank account mo lang with amount to 3xx,xxx? Is it necessary to have more than 300k in the bank because I dont have any proof of assets? Well, I could apply anytime, the wedding of my cousin will be on October. I travelled 3 countries pa lang, I just got my kr visa last month but no plan to go there yet, I just had it for this Canadian visa purposes haha. And for my purpose of visit, I attached my flight ticket, invitation letter, but they are not satisfied with that, is it really need to have itinerary trip attached? I plan to stay for 3weeks. May I ask if how many pages your cover letter? Did you just make on your own? Or meron ka sample cover letter from google? I cant find any, if you dont mind may I ask a sample cover of yours? Thanks. Hope you could answer all my questions. ?

  • Aiko Geron says:

    Hi Admin.
    May I know how much should I need to have in the bank to support my travel for 2 weeks?

  • christian dave quijano says:

    please help me how to prepare a cover letter. thanks

  • Mark Cuizon says:

    Hi, tanong ko lang po kung kailangan ang Nso birth certificate in applying for canadian tourist visa? Thanks po

  • Mel says:


    I and my grandma are planning to visit our relatives in Canada for a month. In her case, she always needs someone to accompany her in all her travels, that’s why I decided to assist her. My aunt from Canada will send an invitation letter, unfortunately, she cannot send her bank statement (do we need it?). I believe my Grany won’t have any problem in terms of financial support. The thing is, on my part, I am unemployed at the moment (just came back from the overseas, helping the family business atm). My parents are willing to sponsor me though in my financial needs (bank statement sponsorship). May I ask,

    1. Is it possible to use my family business permit, ITR for my financial support?
    2. I believe my aunt in Canada won’t have any financial assistance except for accomodation. Is there a need for it in making the invitation letter.
    3. we plan to visit maybe around 4-5 relatives from different states. Do I need to gather their contact numbers and address and include it in our itinerary?
    4. Do I need an invitation letter from our other relatives as well or just one is enough?

  • Kaydee says:

    Hi Livi!
    I am planning to apply for a Canadian Visa. Main reason is to visit my boyfriend who lives in Toronto. To be honest, I work in a local bank here and Im not sure if my financial status will pass. My bf told me that he will shoulder all the expenses once I get there. He will also send me a letter of invitation. So I’m concerned if the embassy will still check my ADB even if someone will sponsor. Any tips pls?

    Also, I have no US visa but I have travelled to some asian countries already. Need your advice on this. Thanks!

  • Ting says:

    Hi! Is there any requirement if how long you’ve been employed? In my case, I am planning to apply for a tourist visa, pero less than 4months pa lang po akong employed. But i have enough money for my planned 3month stay kasi i worked overseas before.

  • NELLE says:

    Hi admin. I applied last year but got refused. Due to travel history, current employment situation, assets and financial status.
    This time I am reapplying, to attend the wedding of my niece on Oct 8 2017.
    My sister and niece are executing an affidavit of sponsorship for me. Both of them are canadian citizen.
    I plan to lodge my application online, in a day or so. My profile is 42, single mom, living in our family-owned house, employed for 17 years, with 400k in bank, insurances and minimal investment. Travelled to Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia so far.
    What are the chances i have? Will it matter considering that it’s barely a month before the occasion I would be attending.
    Also may I request for a copy/ format of your itinerary and cover letter?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hai…. your blog is helping me. I have Canadian transit visa which category is VH-1. is that visa valid for me to going out the airport or only for transit?

  • Yacon Root says:

    Awesome Blog. Very much enjoyed reading.

  • Dawn says:

    Hi, i just want to ask kung kasa ang medical exam i read kasi doon sa mga docs na iaattach after i took the exam regarding the eligibility. im just going for a tourist visa po. do i need to submit still?

  • Melanie says:

    Hi, I’d like to ask what is your reference in the validity of passport? As per your post, it needs to be at least 1 year before expiration.

    I am about to apply for a visitor visa I have less than a year before my passport expires. Just checking to be sure rather than spending 100cad on application and get a refused visa.

  • KIMMY says:


  • Kathy says:

    HI there! I really need this information because I am planning to visit Canada next month or so. My fiancee is a Canadian and he is sponsoring my trip to Canada. I just want to ask on the length of months are you allowed to stay in Canada as a tourist or as a visitor. Can i stay for like six months?

    Would appreciate your reply. Thank you so much!



    Thank you for the information you have shared. I am also applying for Canadian Tourist Visa online. I have only one document left to be uploaded my travel history. I have a schengen visa and I will travel to Europe before completing my travel history records. my question is, how can I submit this application after completely uploading my documents? I didnt see any navigation to proceed or to submit my application. I would appreciate if you could share with me.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Coleen says:

    Hello Ms.Livi I saw your fb page but I was shy to message you so i’ll do it here nalang po. Can you provide a sample of your cover letter? Thankyou!
    And also I’m confused who is “Proof of Financial Resource of Supporter” and “Proof of Financial Support” where will I put my parents? cos they’ll be my sponsor and will pay for my trip.

    Here’s my email..

    Thankyou! x

  • Rochelle says:

    Hi… Im Rochelle,24 years old i am pilipina, single mom and Unemployed.
    Ano po ba yong mga kailangan kong requirments for tourist visa? Ang boy friend ko po ay canadian citizen.
    Nag tatravel napo kming dalawa to thailand and dubai, my pictures kami with my family together.
    At hindi po ako mag su solo flight susundu-in nya po ako kasi ang alam ko mas madali kapag kasama ko ang boyfriend ko.

    Can he be my sponsor?

    Less than one year pa po ang relation namin.

    Meron po akong visa credit card
    Passport valid for 5 yrs
    Bank certificate and statement.

    Please… I need the answer.

    Thank you!

  • John says:

    Hi! I need help for my mom’s application. Im doing her application kasi. I already uploaded all the documents, but I cant find the ‘submit application’ button. Can’t even find a way to pay for the fee. Every time I try to pay the fee, it would ask me to sign in sa gckey, and when I do, it redirects me to my account and then I would click again the ‘pay your fee button’, and the same thing happens. I guess Im missing something? Please help. been searching online kung pano pero there is no accurate answer. Salamat

  • Gladys says:

    Hi! i am a pr here in Manitoba Canada and im planning to be a sponsor for my boyfriends trip here. Gusto ko sana sya kuhanan ng multi-entry visa. He’s a national athlete in PH and he’s currently helping his parents on managing their business, baka yung parents na lang nya mag financial support sa trip nya tho dito ko sya patitirahin sa bahay namin. Yung passport nya magexpire sa 2020, malaki kaya ang chance nya? Thank you for the reply! 🙂 Nakahelp ng malaki ung post mo 🙂

  • Gladys says:

    Dagdag ko lang na he’s been in China and indonesia for Competition purposes. Salamat! 🙂

  • Nica says:

    I am applying for a visitor visa and I am thinking if I will submit a copy of our house title which is on mortgaged and our vehicle’s or cr which is on leased as well.

  • sheryle says:

    gud day admin.. im applying for tourist in canada. twice na ko narefused. dahil wala p akong travel history. possible po kaya na ma approve nila ako pag nag travel ako sa ibang country. at isa lang magiging travel history ko. magtravel ako ng singapore for 3days.
    den after saka ako mag reapply for canada.
    can you help me. thanks..

  • shella says:

    hi admin i want to ask because my uncle wants me to go canada and he do all my requirements and my online application is this posible to grand my application? i have bank statement but i don’t have any travel visas in other countries

  • shella says:

    and,my company willing to give me a grand letter to go canada what else should i do? and forgot to say that my uncle get the photo copy of my passport pero nahihiya din po ksi akong magtanong saknyan i just sent whatever documents he need

  • Patricia Acbang says:

    Hi, Good day! I am currently here in the philippines. And I am planning to visit Canada under tourist visa. When it comes kasi sa travel history. Meron ako travel history but here in Asia lang mga visa free countries lang. and then Dubai, then US Visa (under J1 visa) Kakauwi ko lang from USA, and I am also 24 years old female and single. My brother ako sa canada by the way. Thanks in advance!

  • Roy says:

    This is a very informative blog. Ask ko lang po, anong ilalagay ko sa item:
    1.Name,address and relationshiop of any person(s) or institution I will visit?
    2.Relationship to me
    Walang ako kakilala po dun. I am traveling alone.
    Ano po dapat ilagay dto?
    Thanks in Advance.

  • A says:

    Re: sending your passport to the visa office- what’s the 890 pesos managers check for?

    Is it

    Courier Delivery of Applications to Applicant, upon receipt from visa office
    — Price per Applicant $ 8.54 293.95 Php


    Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Makati City, Philippines upon request by visa office (for example, electronic application) — Price per Passport $ 15.78 543.15 Php

    checked it on the vfs website

  • Trisha says:

    Hi! I hope this message finds you well. I am having problems uploading file online (specifically forms IMM5257 and IMM5645) should I really need to print the documents and scan it then upload the file? Or can I take a screenshot of it and upload it? Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Shel says:

    Hi Livi,

    I plan on travelling solo to Montreal for 10 days. My bf lives there but I will take my chances and apply as self-funded without mentioning him in my application.

    I am 30 yrs old, single, employed with the current company for three years. I have 100 to 150k in my bank. Have trevelled to 7 Asian countries and to New Zealand twice.

    Do you mind sending me your cover letter and itinerary in Montreal? Please. Thank you!

  • Mela says:

    Hi! Ask ko lang ilang araw binigay sayo for submission nung nirequest ka na to submit your passport? Thanks!

  • Karol says:

    Hi, your blog is really helpful. I have a question though. Is there a way for a family application? Just like in the US visa application. The whole family is planning to have the annual vacation at Toronto, Canada. Thanks!

  • Marina says:

    Hello there,

    I have a question please. I went to USA last Feb 2010 to visit family in MD and NY, and since i was there, I decided to visit my friends in Toronto too. I went to Washington DC to happy for a visa for 3 days, apparently I was denied due to lack of documents I supposed. They didn’t give me any reasons why I was denied. I just walked in and tried. Now I am applying for a visa again. I have travelled a lot within Europe and USA.. i have 3 passports filled with visa but I’m still a little bit nervous about not getting a visa since I am only a housewife and just depending on my partner financially. I have all the docs needed to submit but there is a question I’m a bit confused in the application form. Should I declare that I was denied for a visa 8 years ago or just not declare it since i am using a new passport. Thank you in advance.

  • mayflor says:

    Hello admin,
    Can I.please have a sample of your cover letter and a copy of a sample letter of invitation in regards to my plan of applying for a tourist visa.?
    My bf, a Canadian citizen , earning a salary of 6xxx,xxx .00 is sponsoring me for my trip so I could visit him and at the same time , my mom’s employer based in New York is helping me out and wanting me to visit my mom who has been with the same school as a Special Education Teacher for almost 9 years and comes home every 2 years .
    Do you have special tips on how I could convince the consul that I will be going back to the Philippines for the reason that I’m the eldest of 5 and has younger siblings still finishing there college education

  • mayflor says:

    Can you give me a list of some requirements that my bf would be needing to prove that he will be sponsoring me for my trip to Canada? How many months are we usually permitted to visit and stay in Canada? Thank you and God bless .

  • Rhyan says:

    Hi i followed your instructions from the documents i need to comply until submission/uploading onlne and i got my application approved! I will go to VFS for passport submission and visa stamping. Thanks for this info livibautista it is indeed helpful.

  • EVE says:

    hi! just wanna share that i submitted a MW becuase i was not able to save it in PDF..and regarding also to Family INfo. i was not able to fill the address part, the status of my parents and sister, and worst i did not put my signature in there..:( will i be denied already? this really makes me sad.:(

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