Pictures that explain why visiting Alberta is worth it

We went on a trip to the famous Canadian Rockies particularly in Alberta and I must say, visiting the place should be included in your bucket list! Here are the photos that explain why:

NOTE: Photos were compressed for faster loading



Imagine waking up to this kind of mesmerizing view. This was taken in an AirBnb in the town of Canmore, at around 6:30AM.


And it even gets better when the sun is up!


Alberta is known to have dark skies due to less light pollution, which makes it perfect for stargazing on clear nights.


Yes, accommodation under a blanket of stars.

The photos were taken at around 12 midnight in a residential area. I recommend spending a night in a campsite to maximize your stargazing activity. To learn more about how to shoot the night sky, check out my post here.


Long driving can never get better than this. Attractions in Alberta are quite far from each other, so renting a car/RV is a more practical option unless you’re availing a tour package.


Be prepared to witness beautiful bodies of water such as Lake Louise.



Drive a few kilometers and see Lake Moraine as well.


Go for a short and easy hike up to see a better view of Lake Moraine


from here you will see how blue the lake is.


If you’re up for an adventure you can climb the top to get the same view.


Then descend through scenic paved pathways.


Rent a Kayak during summer to avoid the cold.


Afterwards, head to Banff town and tour around the mountain village which has various shops and restaurants. Replenish that lost energy.


Ride a Gondola too see a closer view of the mountains already covered in snow.


Then walk along the wooden trail


..and take that dramatic photo of yours. :p


That mountain looks familiar! Have you heard of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory just yet? If not, better give it a try! They have a branch in UP Town Center.


There are more scenic drives on your way home!


Afternoon lighting is always the best.


and when you’re lucky, you might be able to see the Aurora Borealis!


It was our first time to see the northern lights and we were really blessed to have clear skies on our last night in Alberta. Just download an Aurora tracker app and use your compass to track.

Hopefully, we want to visit the glaciers and Jasper next time!

So when are you going to visit Alberta? 🙂


  • Jules says:

    O my lord! My mind would whirl with scenic photographs of mountains and all things nature!!!! I would definitely include this in my bucketlist. just Canada in general! Your photos are so beautiful i wanna cry haha.

  • Mark Medrano says:

    Hi! I’m Mark, and I’m also going to Alberta on September. Just want to ask what month did you go. Your photos of the lakes are amazing. :)m

  • Props for you though for sharing that Alberta isn t just the parks, but also the big skies of the prairie.

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